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One-off donation
Your donation can be attributed to a specific area of our work, or can be a general donation which allows us to allocate it to where it is needed most.

Regular donation
A regular and ongoing donation, such as a monthly gift, allows us to plan ahead, knowing that we have a steady and predictable source of income. It’s also easy for you because you can ‘set and forget’ and instead of donating a large sum each year, you can donate in smaller increments throughout the year.
As a monthly donor, you will receive regular updates on our progress, complimentary copies of the Emerald Hill Children’s Home newsletter and invitations to events, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting us and our work in the most valuable way.

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Your Money

Our Bank Account Details are: Account Name: Emerald Hill Children’s Home Dom. Sisters
Bank: Stanbic Bank
Branch: Belgravia
Branch Code: 3103
Account Number: 9140002730501

* For acknowledgement of receipt of your donation, email your details to: admin@emeraldhome.org.zw
NB. Efforts are underway to avail Visa and Master card donations methods from this site.


Various goods are welcome and can mean a lot the children. These include:
~ Toiletries roll-on (girls & boys), toothpaste;soap and tissues
~ Food items: non-perishable food for holiday food parcels such as pilchards; coffee; sugar; oats; cooking oil; post toasties; jam etc. see list
~ Clothing: school uniforms, brand new clothes, blankets, sheets, jerseys, shoes etc
~ Stationery: hardcover books, rubbers, pencils, pens, rulers, mathematical sets, mighty markers, satchels, calculators.

Your Time

Through our involvement with local and international community, it is apparent that donors want to be more involved in projects by not only donating financially but also donating their time, expertise and skills to make a difference.
Emerald Hill Children’s Home volunteer programme was created with this in mind, to provide people with an opportunity to give back to the community in a more intimate way.
Our volunteer initiative caters for corporates as well as individuals. Companies or local businesses can volunteer to come and take part in various activities that benefit children for example team building and communication skillls. Like wise individuals as well can volunteer to come and have moments with the children.

Your Skill

Emerald Hill Children’s Home welcomes your expertise. We cherish the imparting of knowledge to children by experts from various walks of life and these include sports, academics, arts, and various other techniques needed by children as they grow.

Our Children are keen to learn more of life as they lack what other children learn at home on a daily basis hence the need and invitation of your expertise and skills.